How to Get Paid on Time in the Childcare Sector

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Getting Paid

It is more than a little surprising that people working in the childcare sector are paid a very low wage. If we consider the vital job they do in supporting the growth and healthy development of children, it’s shocking that some are earning less than the national minimum wage!

According to the last Government Provider Survey (2018) almost 20% of day nursery workers in England and 10% of workers aged over 25 are in this bracket!

Not only that, many parents and carers forget or choose not to pay on time which can cause a number of issues for nurseries, especially a cash flow issue.

So, how can this situation change? How can childcare providers get paid on time and save time on chasing payments?

Luckily, with the new, innovative Kids Covered App, it’s simple. Its inbuilt app technology not only calculates payments for you, including vouchers, but also prevents late payments from being an issue, as all payments are made in advance of sessions and not after.

With this easy-to-use technology, you’ll save yourself time on filling and completing invoices, calculating payment and a lot of paperwork as everything is done within the app.

Simply get parents or carers to sign up to the app and they can pre-book and pre-pay for the sessions they require.

Also, it can be difficult to keep on top of what you are owed, and paperwork can get lost. One early adopter of the app noticed that they were owed £330 when they delved into their accounts. However, with the app there is no chance of this happening as a payment is taking at the time of booking, which solves this ongoing problem at the touch of a button.

It’s easy, simple and a cost-effective and time-effective way of running your business and making sure you and your staff get paid on time. If you’re interested in saving yourself time and money, and want to run your business efficiently and effectively, then becoming an early adopter of the Kids Covered App by signing up today.